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Online dating journey


This is Part 3 Online dating journey my online dating "docu-blog" So, the reader may want to start here Going to Pick Some Greens: An Online Online dating journey Profile. Then navigate to here Going to Juice Some Weeds: An Online Dating Profile, Part And now you're all caught up. After my first submission of this docu-blog was published, I thought I'd send the link to Jill Crosby Here, I'll let the Online dating journey introduce her for me Having been a consultant in the bricks and mortar dating industry for 9 years Jill has a unique skill set and background for the online dating industry.

She has a strong connection with the dolphins and whales and enjoys leading groups through transformational meditations and guided imagery. After a couple of e-mail exchanges with Jill, it seemed to me that we are pretty much on the same page concerning the journey of self-exploration via relationships.

Through online articles and interviews Jill shares her thoughts, visions and sage perspectives taken from hers and others' experiential lessons.

I've enjoyed everything of hers that I've read and listened to so far, probably because they validate my own reflections and lessons learned over the years. However, this docu-blog is from my reflections of my own experiences. It is intended to inspire the reader to take full responsibility for their own journey. This is how I've perceived the universal aspects of this relationship journey.

We launch out in search Online dating journey a love we think we'll recognize as soon as we see it Oh yeah, the touch! Needless to say, to truly define true, unconditional love requires experiencing it. And even then, there are no words to do Online dating journey justice.

So, we often settle for sub-standard brands and definitions that leave out the experience of truth. The truth is that love is not a feeling, an emotion, an act, a state of being or even an experience. In circular reasoning, therefore, to define true unconditional love requires defining one's own nature, and to define one's own nature requires experiencing and embracing one's own sense of self, in all its singularity, duality, plurality, finality and immortality.

So, why then does the search of some for the one seem to never end? The answer is both simple and complex. How can we experience our own true nature when we've only experienced a portion of ourselves through the limited perceptions of those around us?

As we move along on this journey, we can experience more of ourselves by interfacing and interacting with life itself.

And life is all inclusive: Exactly how does what I just said relate to what I'm going to say next? Online dating journey about this online dating adventure? What about this journey to the center of me? How have I experienced myself since I first began this particular journey? Well, when I first started online dating years ago, I would read profiles of those who first contacted me.

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He Online dating journey have the best photo, but heck, maybe I should return the favor and check him out. After all, if I got his attention just by being me, there must be something I will like about him. And much less did I realize that I was also setting myself up for a socio-emotional challenge that would require a little discipline on my part and the ability to shut down my feelings for others' feelings.

Fast forward to years later Having operated mainly from this stance - from the head and not the heart - I found myself partially stepping back into my former mindset of worrying about offending someone if I didn't return a particular favor, or worse yet, thinking it was somehow my job to make them feel worthy of attention. "Online dating journey" all, doesn't everyone deserve to find love and to be loved?

And I certainly don't Online dating journey to come off as a Online dating journey. I had to push "replay" on that one in my head. Did I hear myself that time? I didn't want to come off as a snob. So, this really was never about them I had to snap out of that old pattern of thinking long enough to realize that I am not the sole provider of every man's need to love and to be loved.

Who was I in some past incarnation? A Courtesan who had many lovers to attend to and no one to call her own. Nevertheless, I did step out of my comfort zone of what I'd normally find safelong enough to peel back layers of external profiles, away from their photos and profiles and beyond their words, in order to find something of more intrinsic value. I gave myself permission to imagine what it would be like to step into the world of that man and to love him within the context Online dating journey his life.

So, my first introduction to someone beyond the "free hello" was to a world-traveling Australian Music Man who is quite the poet, lyricist, romanticist and dreamer, so ripe and ready to find someone new to be the object of his affections.

As a singer-songwriter myself, I am naturally attracted to other musicians, albeit, not necessarily always in a romantic way. From the start Music Man was showering me with his poems, song lyrics and literally, files and files of his professionally recorded songs. There was a bit of deja-vu, though, as I recalled a former long-distance lover, who only two years ago had written at least ten songs for me over a period of the two years we had communicated, ever since our first flirtations within our "Online dating journey" channels.

Until then, no one had ever written me a love song, not even my former husband of 19 years, an exceptionally talented musician and singer-songwriter.

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