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Easter story from different perspectives on sexual orientation


My sense of Easter comes from reflecting on the principle of sacrifice — from Adam, the miracles of Moses in Egypt, the attempted sacrifice of Isaac, and the triumph of Jesus Christ over death. It fills me with such enthusiasm and hope in my life to know that our Heavenly Father gives us continuous opportunities for rebirth and flourishing, carrying the message of spiritual freedom so that we can all achieve the splendor of the light within each of us, and that this light not be suppressed, but rather expanded.

We can rest assured of renewed confidence. Jesus Christ loves us without limits. Easter means for me that the Love of our Savior was fulfilled by the atonement in taking upon himself our sins.

It means also for me, that Jesus showed his love to all mankind — no matter what they think, how they feel, where they come from or which sexual orientation they have.

Easter also is a holiday for the family, which I will — as every year — celebrate together with my family. It brings families closer to each other.

This chapter aims to account...

Easter is a season of reflection, and renewal. Every Easter I see the world come alive again and my spirit is refreshed and encouraged to balance my life and take time to ponder how i can be renewed and better. Easter means light, peace and comfort, and the dark cold winter is over.

Easter always gives me hope. Deaths of all kinds are often followed by openings into new life. Easter to me, is the ultimate sign of love. He loved us so much that He came and fulfilled the Law in order to bring a new and everlasting covenant, where we are forgiven of our sins.

He loved us so much that he bore the weight of the world and suffered the price of our sins. He shouldered the weight of our guilt, pain, sorrow, and suffering. And yet, He pressed on bearing the weight that would cause His blood to run from every pore. What does He ask for in return? Fred Bowers Washington, DC: What does Easter mean to me? Love, joy, and the opportunity to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice Christ made to make a way for each of us to return to God and our extended eternal family.

We will join an extended eternal family consisting of our birth and adoptive families and fellow Easter story from different perspectives on sexual orientation Mormons who lived before us. It started out as something religious that people would discuss at church.

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