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The aim of this study was to determine the cumulative prevalence rate of every sexual dysfunctions SDs in Iranian population. We searched international database such as: Search duration was between and From articles were retrieved, then 11 articles on male with total sample size of and 8 articles on female with total sample size of were selected after critical appraisal.

For quality assessment check list to evaluate a prevalence article was contained study population, sampling method, sample size, criteria for SD diagnosis, specific rates, study location, and authors list.

In male, erectile dysfunction was In female, pooled estimation prevalence of hypoactive sexual desire disorder in complained group was Sexual arousal disorder in clinical patient was Orgasmic disorder in complained was Sexual pain disorder pooled estimation prevalence were "Big e langston wife sexual dysfunction" The rate of SD in Iran was approximately the same of worldwide except orgasmic disorder which was two times more than the worldwide average.

Research regarding sexual health domains in Iran is scarce because of many cultural contexts and social stigmas.

However, changes in contemporary Iranian society are associated with increases in the rate of extramarital sexual activity and sex partner changes. Due to the transformation of transmission patterns for acquired immune Big e langston wife sexual dysfunction syndrome and enhanced transmission via sexual activity, health policy makers and researchers have been directed toward investigating sexual behaviors in the Iranian population.

According to socio-cultural changes of modern Iran, the mean age of first sexual experience has decreased over the last decade. Sexual dysfunctions SD decrease marital satisfaction and may be the trigger for conflict and divorce. Sexual dysfunctions are a heterogeneous group of disorders, which are typically characterized by a clinically significant disturbance in a person's ability to respond sexually or to experience sexual pleasure.

Sexual dysfunctions in females are more prevalent than in males. Many actors including physiological, anatomical, and socio-cultural affect SDs. The first step on any such investigation is to undertake an epidemiological study. These studies can help policy makers in planning and decision-making. To date, no cumulative data exist about the frequency of SDs in Iranian people. Cultural context, social "Big e langston wife sexual dysfunction," religious directions, and methodological issues prohibit the study of sexual mores, behaviors, and dysfunctions.

One way to bypass this challenge is to systematically review and undertake secondary data analysis. The current study, therefore, was designed to review papers and reports regarding SDs and collected data about the frequency of SDs, and to come up with a cumulative rate. The Study objective was to calculate the cumulative prevalence rate of every SDs in Iranian population in a systematic review and meta-analysis.

We conducted a systematic review. Specifically, for this review, we focused on two objectives: Four international online databases were searched:.

The Iranian databases were contained dissertation and thesis as unpublished data, too. The main keywords to search international database contained Iran, which combined with the terms related to sex and sexuality: The Persian keywords were equivalent to their English words and all probable combinations were considered.

All searching procedures were completed between October and December Moreover, the reference lists of retrieved studies were screened for additional relevant studies.

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All references were stored in the reference database program reference manager After searching database, two authors read all defined titles and abstracts, independently and selected eligible article for critical appraisal. The full texts of all relevant articles were assessed. Because of SD varieties, studies were independently selected and were included in case they were original Big e langston wife sexual dysfunction provided estimates of every SD frequency.

Following information was extracted: For quality assessment, we used a checklist to evaluate a prevalence article. It was contained study population, sampling method, sample size, criteria for SD diagnosis, specific rates, study location, and authors list.

We included studies with a random selection, the same instrument for SD assessment separately in male and female, accurate statistical rates and only in Iranian population. Exclusion criteria for articles were doubtful sampling method, unknown instrument or unusual ones, and unfair analysis.

Every Persian language paper was compared to similar English article to prevent duplication.

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All papers were divided to male and female SDs. Four groups of SD were evaluated: The variance of current prevalence of each SD in each study was computed based on the binomial distribution formula.

Random effect model was applied to estimate the combined mean prevalence of each SD separated by gender. Analysis was done in the general population and specific population separately. This specific population were group of people with other physical disease that name complained group. We presented forest plot for each Big e langston wife sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunctions have gender entity.

We separated retrieved research to male and female SD. From retrieved articles, we identified 19 appropriate papers published between and reporting SD frequency. Of these studies, 11 reported on male sample with total sample size of men and 8 reported on female sample with total sample size of women, selected for systematic review. The process of article selection has been shown in Figure 1. In some resource, ED is considered as impotency and most important SD in males.

ED prevalence was frequent due to study population. Table 1 shows studies regarding ED in different population in Iran. Meta-analysis is done for 11 studies revealed the pooled prevalence estimation Figure 2 shows the forest plot of these eleven studies and pooled estimations. Zargooshi has reported There were more studies regarding female SD based on the types Big e langston wife sexual dysfunction SD.

They have been shown in Table 2.

The studies were divided into two groups for meta-analysis. First one, prevalence was calculated in specific or complained population and second was in the general population like as male SD.

Pooled estimation of HSDD prevalence in complained group was Figure 3 presents distributions of HSDD, as a forest plot in meta-analysis. The forest plot of current prevalence of hypoactive sexual desire disorder in female general population in Iran.

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In SAD, pooled prevalence in complained group was Distributions of SAD were shown in Figure 4. The forest plot of current prevalence of sexual arousal disorder in female general population in Iran. SOD had the same pooled prevalence in both groups.

In complained group was Figure 5 shows the Forest plot of pooled prevalence of SOD in the general population. The forest plot of current prevalence of sexual orgasmic disorder in Big e langston wife sexual dysfunction general population in Iran. At the end, SPD pooled estimation prevalence was It is believable that the prevalence rate in the general population is lower: Related distribution is illustrated in Figure 6.

The forest plot of current prevalence of sexual pain disorder in female general population in Iran.


The prevalence of SDs in Iran is unknown, and yet knowing the prevalence rate is one of the most important criteria that health policy makers and health care providers need for developing nationwide policies.

On the other hand, awareness about the frequency of SDs facilitates other related studies. This is the first report of a systematic review and meta-analysis regarding SD frequency in Iran. SDs were divided based on gender.

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In particular, Collins et al. We could not find many studies which report on male SD in the general population in Iran. According to the DSM-V, there is a strong age-related increase in both prevalence and incidence of problems with erection, particularly after age Perhaps, this is one of the reasons that ED rate was so high in Big e langston wife sexual dysfunction study.

One advantage of our study on the assessment of ED was the uniformity of assessment tools used. In ED, all studies that were reviewed by our research team and entered into the analysis had used the International Index of Erectile Dysfunction, which greatly aided in increasing the internal validity of our study. Another advantage was the homogeneity of the population selected for the analysis: On the other hand, female SDs are considerable that studies have shown higher rates than male SDs rates.

It is maybe due to better tools for assessment or overt presentation or nature of sex or socio-cultural context in Iran for women. It is clear that all female sexual dysfunctions FSDs are higher in specific conditions like chronic diseases than Big e langston wife sexual dysfunction general population.

It is confirmed by new studies worldwide. However, our finding determined that SOD did not have any difference between the general population and specific group patients. This finding shows that the frequency of SOD in Iranian females is very high.

It refers to the lack of knowledge regarding sexual issues and many deep beliefs around sexuality and women sexual life in Iranian girls and women.

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