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Lonely during the holidays


In our cultural imagination, the Christmas season and the holidays in general, are supposed to bring joy as we spend more time with family and friends. The reality however, is that this season can also be a time of difficult memories, expectations and disappointment, and stress.

Lonely during the holidays reasons include everything from the commercialization of Christmas expectation and disappointmentto the year-end as a time of reflection, perhaps inducing painful memories.

Depression of course, is a medical term used to characterize more than just mere sadness. This needs to be emphasized because of the under education and stigmatization that centers around mental illness.

So, should you suspect medicalized depression, this article is not for you.

Seek professional assistance if necessary. But if you do experience sadness, non-medical anxiety, and loneliness during this time, here are a few things to remember:. Oftentimes such experiences might take place in childhood, and we carry the weight with us into adulthood.

Lonely people dread the holiday...

But it is up to you, what you take from it. Remember not to deny yourself the need for alone time. It is indeed the season for giving, and give you should, to others. But if there is a gift you should give yourself if you are susceptible to sadness or melancholy during the holidays, try for peace of mind. Do this by simplifying your life, putting off intense conversations if possible, and if not possible, taking extra time in how Lonely during the holidays approach them.

For those who feel lonely...

Remember to be wary of making any major life decisions right now. Remember to pay attention to what you consume and how you treat your body. This does not mean being overly concerned with gaining weight during the holidays.

But it does mean ensuring that you are attentive about your propensity to stress eat or binge drink, or on the other hand, be overly conscious about exercising and healthy eating.

Try to find some balance during this time as you would in any time. Yes, some things have not gone your way. And yes, you may have faced losses and defeats and disappointments. But also be sure to count literally, if necessary all the good things that have happened this year. Remember everyone who loves you. Lonely during the holidays is easy to feel pressure during this time of year.

Loneliness is common during the...

Instead, every time you feel that pressure, think of the fact that there are people who love you. Remember that you are capable of giving this time of year new meaning and new memories. Lonely during the holidays is very important for you to know this if you struggle with sadness during this time of year: So why not give this year new meaning? Why not remember to do the things you love, and that bring you joy, so that you can create new memories?

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