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Steven law against sexual harassment

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Have you been victimized by sexual harassment in the workplace? Have persistent unwelcome comments or advances created a hostile work environment for you? You may wonder where to turn for help.

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You do not have to combat sexual harassment alone. The Law Offices of Steven C. When supervisors or coworkers cross a line, you must inform that their conduct is not welcome. You should also alert your human resources department about this hostile work environment. If the conduct persists, then contact our office.

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Sexual harassment consists of unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature, either physical or verbal, or requests for sexual favors that affect your job performance or that create a hostile working environment. Sexual harassment can include repeated verbal overtures, comments about clothing and dress or inappropriate touch.

Federal law equally prohibits opposite-sex and same-sex harassment as long as the conduct is based on the gender of the victim. You may wonder if you have a case. Kahn will listen to you, discuss your legal options with you and work to resolve the problem.

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