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How to do sexy loose updos on long hair


Curls, braids and pins can be used to create simple yet beautiful tousled updos. Just remember that simple is better when it comes to messy looks. Textured hair is the easiest hair type to use for stunning messy buns like this one. Wedding hairstyles are starting to trend with messy looks like this one. I would describe this look as a very whimsical enchanting tousled updo. You have the romantic vibes with the soft twist but also a little bit of texture with the pieces falling How to do sexy loose updos on long hair. My favorite thing about this updo would for sure be the color of the hair.

Make sure you have plenty of hair. If not, pop some extensions in there! This look is very full and voluminous. Make sure you have plenty of texture products nearby to spritz when you need that airy textured look. Personality wise, I think those who like that boho feel and are free spirited it would be a perfect fit!

I would describe this look as a textured, messy updo. I love that it looks so effortless but well structured. This look is perfect for a bride or bridesmaids. But you could definitely use it for any special occasion. This style works best with medium-long hair with a medium texture. I would best describe this look as being a texturized messy look.

My favorite thing about it is that it is so versatile! You could wear this look to school, work, an How to do sexy loose updos on long hair out with friends or even as a cool bridal look! I have had so many brides this year asking for this specific style. If you are considering a look like this I would recommend doing it on 2 day washed hair. This will really work on any hair type and is a nice relaxed style.

There are no rules when it comes to texturized styles! For a Bridal or Prom look it is perfect to form a romantic up-do which would flatter any gown. This hairstyle can literally be worn anywhere with anything!

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In fact, I love just wearing it whilst I am working. It is current in hairstyling, fun but amazing too! This look is for the lady who has class but with a little edge. This is a polished yet unrefined, perfectly imperfect style. I love that this updo is so versatile and can be worn every day or for a special occasion. You can add some accessories for a bold statement or florals How to do sexy loose updos on long hair a softer, more natural element.

Additionally, this style sets a great tone for your complete look and pairs well with whatever mood is striking your fancy. Instead, enhance them with product and use hot tools to help refine random pieces if needed. The key to creating wanted texture is building with product and shaping with hot tools.

Sea salt sprays, textured powders, dry waxes, and a teasing comb are my go-to tools for creating this look. Braids and twists also add another fun and flirty element and help make sure your style stays put.

I would describe this look as a textured romantic updo. I love this style because it is structured but undone at the same time. It is soft around the face and has smooth interlocking transitions on the sides and into the back. I recommend this style for clients with medium to thick hair. If the client has thin hair, I would suggest clip-in extensions.

I also use Kenra Dry Texture spray which is an excellent product that applies a grit to the hair without weighing it down or making it feel dirty.

This is a textured, whimsical style that could also be translated as edgy and fun, depending on your outfit of choice! My favorite part of this creation has to be the effortless flow and texture it gives.

This updo is versatile and can accompany multiple looks, personalities, and face shapes. You could add more volume up top to make the face appear slimmer, or decrease it to add width. Texture spray, or really any wax-based product, is a must. Puff Me by Design. Me is a great volumizing mist to add that. Anywhere is acceptable to flaunt this style! You could also totally rock this during the day by loosening it ever so slightly, adding simple makeup, How to do sexy loose updos on long hair wearing a cute casual dress.

This is a fun and sassy textured updo that I brought to life. My favorite part of this updo is both sides. I loved the way they flowed directly back. The sides really created an elegant feel and made it perfect for the occasion. Honestly, this exact same style would not show as much dimension someone who has all over dark hair.

She was a blonde with a red undercolor. In my opinion, color is everything when you are creating a textured updo!

It is imperative that the length come below the shoulders because in the initial preparation, I produced fairly tight curls. Her length ended in the middle of her back and it gave me a lot of hair to work with. Hairspray is key in keeping this look in place all day or night! I would describe this look as a bohemian twist on a basic updo. My favorite thing about it is, of course, the double Dutch braids!

This client had a lot of hair, so a double braid worked really well for her. This is a great look for a bride or bridesmaid, a holiday party, or even a fun night out. This style requires about an hour in the salon and lots of hairspray.

Make sure to carry a few extra bobby pins to your event in case anything should fall loose.

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My favorite thing about this look is how easy and quick it is to do! I love how messy and fun it is, yet classy and professional as well.

To achieve this look I used the Shampure dry shampoo to give the hair a little more texture and the Air Control hairspray for hold. I made two buns on top of each other, bobby pinned them together, then just fluffed the buns and pinned as needed! This look should be for someone whose hair type is normal to thick in density. The hair can also be shoulder length or longer! This look would be suitable for a business woman or someone who is going to an event.

I would describe the look as understated and deconstructed. I think that sometimes updos can look How to do sexy loose updos on long hair too polished.

I think it also lends itself to the modern day bride who likes to have a modern edge. I describe this type of hairstyle as effortless but elegant. I love how fast it is to do this hairstyle and how it works for any occasion. A great tip for creating this look is to curl your hair first then pin up your hair as you go.

This hairstyle is great for special occasions. My favorite thing about it is that it can be dressed down or up.

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Worn as shown, it can work with a simple t-shirt and ripped jeans with the right lip color and heels. It also easily goes with a long dress and a fancy hair clip to dress it up! I definitely recommend using dry shampoo and a anti-humidity spray.

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