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Adam and eve hookup show full episode

Today's show is about casual...

About that last part: After a noncommittal smile, she skedaddles… and runs right into Jeremy, who wants to talk about their gear-truck hook-up. They need romance, and they need to determine an eventual winner. Pretty much everyone agrees that Grace will best her competition, but Quinn stresses that they still need a good race.

That is, until Quinn and Chet discuss the idea with the potential newlyweds. It is possible to be British and not be of royal descent. So the title is incredibly inaccurate — though not, upon closer consideration, any less accurate than Everlasting.

Rachel demurs for all of three seconds before she launches into Operation: Shamiqua lectures Adam on inappropriately touching her tush during a massage. But his refusal throws her to the point that she needs a life-threatening hot rod ride not a euphemism with Chet and a verbal slap from Quinn to remind her how to get what she wants.

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And just like that, Adam is in. What are you planning, Quinn my queen?

But when Jeremy shares that news with Rach, her reaction can best be described as inscrutable. Yes, he is probably using her to get his winery back.