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Our team has a wide expertise including areas like web technique, marketing and "creative thinking". Locate-Mobile is part of a unique project started inwhen we also launched several sites. Thank you for visiting Locate-Mobile. I caught the thief who stole my iPhone.

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My Phone got stolen at a bar. I got it back using Find My Phone site. We don't know if we could ever thank you enough. I was in panic mode. My cell phone has become in my everyday life. It was one of the most scary things that can happen, but this site helped me. With the Locate-Mobile, I've been able to locate my lost cell Locate mobile login page very easily.

Thank you to this site for giving me a real way to locate my lost Cell Phone. I got it back using Find My Phone I signed into my iCloud account as soon as it was done. There it was, a flash of hope — my phone was somewhere in this bar.

The position will show the last known location with an accuracy of up to 50 metres based on a live feed, or the last known position of the phone or last position before going out of coverage. Yes, the softwares work on any smartphone that runs the Android, or iPhone or Windows operating system. Your phone's account must have Internet access to insert logs to your account. The GSM companies give services to their customers in most countries. Some software companies developed applications that can be uploaded to your cell phone for private use.

It refers to the application offered through this Website to be able to track your mobile. You can use the Mobile Tracking Services by signing up with us. To track your stolen mobile; ii. To track your family member or any person under your guardianship; iii.

To test our Mobile Tracking Services by tracking your mobile phone. You may subscribe to the Mobile Tracking Services for three 3 months, six 6 months and one 1 year. You must pay the Subscription Charges at the time of sign-up by PayPal, Credit Card or any other method we may specifically prescribe through the website. We own no liability for losses, costs, expense or your efforts caused as a consequence of your reliance upon the report of your mobile position tracked by us.

The username and password is personal to you and Locate mobile login page are responsible to maintain the confidentiality of the username and password.

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You should immediately contact us in case of any breach of confidentiality of your account. You may have to Locate mobile login page for the third party apps separately to such third party provider. No part of the Intellectual Property can be copied, used or exploited in any manner without our written approval.

We own no liability with reference to the customer reviews and testimonials posted on the Website.

Similarly, we own no liability for data theft or data changes caused by the hacking of the Website. Therefore, we provide no warranty of any kind as to the accuracy, completeness, performance, timeliness, or suitability of Our Services offered on this Website, for any purpose Our Services are used.

You expressly acknowledge that you have no right or waived to claim any rights on the grounds aforementioned. The resulting data that are outputted by the Mobile Tracking Tools depends on the accuracy of the information you input. You will solely be responsible for the accuracy of inputted information, outputs or any consequences of your use of such outputs. If such Force Majeure Event continues for a period longer than fifteen 15 days, you may opt to refund the Subscription Charges and notify us of your decision to that effect.

If we fail to avail any remedy, exercise any right or make any claim arising from these Terms and Conditions or any applicable law, then such failure shall not imply the waiver of such remedy or right. If the ADR method fails, the dispute may be Locate mobile login page before the court having competent territorial jurisdiction over London where we have "Locate mobile login page" principal business office.

Terms and Conditions; ii. Features of Our Services; Your failure to review the pages will not waive you from your obligations and liabilities arising from aforementioned changes. If you believe that your privacy rights are infringed without your consent and authorization, you should immediate notify us with the proof of such infringement. The terms and expressions conveying specific meaning and used herein shall have the same meaning as defined in the Terms and Conditions, Locate mobile login page otherwise defined.

Our practices with reference to user privacy are complied with highest industry standards. As part of the operation of Our Services, we collect and, in certain cases, may reveal Your Information to certain third parties. This Privacy Policy aims to define the scope of Your Information, describe the purpose of the collection and security of Your Information.

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We desire to keep this Policy precise and easy to comprehend so you may be able to get familiarity with the material points of your privacy. Email mandatory ; ii. Mobile phone number mandatory ; and iii. Name and Surname optional ; and iv. We collect non-personal information about user anonymously using the cookies: IP address and geographical location; ii.

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General preferences while using the internet and Our Website; and iii. Your Information will be stored in our facilities in the United Kingdom. You acknowledge that we may use Your Information for: Providing you with Our Services; ii.

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