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Nasty sexual urban dictionary words


I visit the site a couple times a week for science and after I shake off the feelings of nausea and shame, I do feel a bit more well-versed in the underbelly of the English language. Alabama Hot Pocket The art of separating the vagina lips and taking a shat inside, and possibly having sex with it afterward.

The man then ejaculates into the back of her throat while she is choking, forcing the semen through her nostrils. Phoenix Riot Shield When a man is forced to splash his own man juice onto a napkin and hold it out in front of him to defend himself from an attacker. Arkansas Knuckleball When engaging in intercourse with a woman from behind in the vagina, a quick, sudden and forceful penetration of the anus.

San Francisco Steam Train An orgy of gay men who create a conga line and fuck each other from behind simultaneously.

An anal chain gang, popularized in San Francisco. Denver Dripping Donkey Doorknob When a man ejaculates onto a doorknob and waits on the other side until someone opens the door. Hartford Hot Sauce The guy Nasty sexual urban dictionary words ready for anal sex by appearing to apply lubricant to the condom. The challenge is to complete the act before the Nasty sexual urban dictionary words begins. Tallahassee Night Train The act of ejaculating into a sock and then hitting someone in the face with said soiled sock.

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Georgia Scorcher When you bring a girl home from a bar, and she passes out. You take her panties off, take a dump in them, and then put them back on her. She wakes up and thinks she shit her own pants. Honolulu Handshake The act of a nun swimming underneath someone at the beach and subsequently giving them a handjob, to the immense surprise and delight of the recipient. Idaho Potato Sack A sexual act or punishment in which the male punches himself in the testicles until they swell up to two or three times their actual size and tea bags Nasty sexual urban dictionary words recipient unforgivably.

The act is not complete until the victim blacks out or receives serious facial wounds.

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Iowa Atomic Corn Bomb This action requires one full day of preparation. The day before hooking up with a filthy pig, every meal consists of eating nothing but corn on the cob. The morning of the hookup, you will need to ingest ONE full bottle of Ex-lax. You then slide your ass up over her chest, onto her face, finally cleansing your ass in her hair. Thus leaving devastation everywhere. Known as "Nasty sexual urban dictionary words" Topeka Destroyer because it destroys the chances of you ever getting head from that girl again.

Kentucky Lawnmower When a guy is getting a girl doggy style, he reaches forward and knocks her arms out from under her. Then he pushes her across the room while he is still fucking her. Louisiana Bull-ride The act of having sex with an obese woman, and mid-way through fornication, she goes into a diabetic shock, thus creating the effect of a bull-ride.

This may be a desired event. Baltimore Blowfish A classy move where a girl is giving you a rim job and you rip a huge fart into her mouth. Massachusetts Slurpee When during intercourse, right before the girl climaxes, you whip out a straw Nasty sexual urban dictionary words put it into her vagina.

Not the most quality of ejaculations, but well worth it. Missouri Compromise This term refers to an act whereby a young lady circumvents the loss of her virginity by practicing anal instead of vaginal intercourse. Similarly, When a young lady finally is subject to vaginal intercourse, it is known as bleeding Kansas, which refers to the after effects of the Kansas-Nebraska act of which revoked the Missouri Compromise.

And back and forth until you decide to stop.

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New Hampshire Smore Alright, so first, you take a massive shit in a girls mouth. Then, she gets on her knees and gives you head with it still in her mouth. After you bust in her mouth, she spits the jizz covered turd into YOUR mouth, followed by you spitting it into her vag, and then you fuck her. She then turns around and while you fuck her in the vagina she is able to spit the quarters out of her butt and into a bucket.

New Mexico Window Washer When you blow your man juice into a fresh towel and wipe it on a girls face. Manhattan Flapjack A manhattan flapjack starts with a woman laying on a bed. She is completely naked and smoking a cigarette.

This bed is in the middle of an empty gymnasium. The door furthest from her opens and a man laying on a stretcher uses canoe oars to push Nasty sexual urban dictionary words in. Stacked on his erect penis are Nasty sexual urban dictionary words with the works ie.

Syrup, butter, the works. The man pushes himself toward the bed and at about 20 feet the woman must in Nasty sexual urban dictionary words move jump and mount the man on the stretcher. The two must begin to have sex in the pancakes while the stretcher never stops moving around the gym.

Oregon Mud Puddle When you are having sex with a chick and she is riding you reverse cowgirl and shits on you with explosive diarrhea and it puddles in and around your belly button. Philadelphia Sidecar When one engages in coitus with a colostomy stoma, using the stoma as a site of entry for a cock or some other pleasurable instrument.

South Carolina Wild Turkey Jerk This is the act of two dudes standing face to face jerking each other off, trying to get the other individual to ejaculate first. This is usually done without the man knowing.

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