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Weddings make me depressed


Anyone else find weddings depressing? Page 2 of 3 First 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Originally Posted by Dabrix Will be 33 in 4 months and ever since I turned 30 every wedding I go to is just depressing to the point I just hate going to them. When the first group of my friends started getting married from they were fun as hell.

Lots of single girls and most of my friends were single as well. Then from everything started to change, at least for everyone but me. Now there were less and less singles and more and more couples and some with kids.

Over Weddings make me depressed past 2. Everyone is either married, engaged or has been dating someone for a while, well everyone but me.

"Weddings make me depressed" like a game of musical chairs and Im starting to worry Im gonna be the one left without a chair when the music stops. The thing is there isnt even anyone I can think of to date. Every girl I knew from highschool is married. Every girl I knew from college is married. The last wedding I went to you were supposed to bring a date and I was the only one there without one.

That doesn't make it easy...

In fact I have never been on a date in my entire life which is just pathetic. I mean its not like Im not trying but as "Weddings make me depressed" of my good friends said its like I wear "Pussy Repellent" I cant really move to another larger city because I own 2 businesses.

Also I dont like older women so I have to look for younger girls. So basically I have to look for girls years Weddings make me depressed than me because they probably arent going to be married at that age and also probably dont have as much dating experience.

Or am I just totally screwed?

It's not your fault if...

I don't find weddings depressing, but I do find them boring to attend, I mean, you just watch them say "yes" and yada yada yada and, blah that's it. Not that it isn't a good memory for the couple getting married, but the ones I have been so far are meh, but that's probably because I don't know who's getting married, so yeah.

I find them very dull. They are essentially the same as any family gathering, only this time you're forced to give attention to two people in particular. I have about as much fun at a funeral. And I hate funerals. Weddings make me depressed is, the couple could have the party without the wedding and save a huge amount of money, and it would likely be more fun since people don't feel the need to come out of obligation.

But apperently 'being married' means something. Usually that the spark in the relationship is close to dying and they need a reason to validate it and force it to continue Weddings make me depressed another few years before divorce.

But its born from experience. Originally Posted by Angry Bob. Trust me, singles aren't singles because they're ugly or some shallow crap like that. Singles are single because, even if they think otherwise, they aren't really that interested in finding someone. I really dislike them, one of the most boring occasions I've ever had the displeasure to attend. Got to love to socialise with people I barely know and have little in common. The worst part though? I have to attend another 2 this year, which makes 3 in total.

I've only been to weddings as a photographer and I think the word I would use would be boring, not depressing. Than again it wasn't Weddings make me depressed I know. So maybe if I were to be seeing my friends get married and I was there all alone I would get a little depressed. These aren't the spoilers you're looking for. Originally Posted by Blueobelisk. Now, Waaldo is prepared to look for this person like Prince Charming testing everyone to see just how bad their psychological disorder is if their foot fits in the glass slipper.

Are weddings really depressing? Or are you just depressed you're single and you'd like to be with someone too? I mean things stop as other people progress in their lives and you get left behind. Weddings make me depressed that case i'd find it depressing too. If you actually had a girlfriend or a wife i doubt you'd care as you have someone of your own.

Last edited by Riddles; at Sounds like I'll be you in 13 years. Any advice on how to deal with it? In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Dedicated to your stories and...

Weddings are stupid, and marriage itself is overrated. You are fine - unless you want to get married.

In that case - do not ever think that you are screwed - you are not - unless you think that you are - then you are screwed. I Wouldn't say depressing, they can get tiresome if you go Weddings make me depressed alot of them however. Stupid, pointless and boring?

Just like marriage itself. I always hated his fiancee, though, so it was even worse.

Last edited by Iliyra; at Only two of my friends are even close to marriage, everyone else ain't even engaged. I've been to two, my fathers and my uncles.

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