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Dying your hair blonde is harder than you think.

The secret why many men...

It's relatively easy to go brunette or black - all it takes is one trip to the hairdresser and you're pretty much done. But going blonde is much more of an Single blonde women and takes time, which is why so many people get it wrong.

For blonde hair to look elegant there are only a few hues that actually work and leave you looking sophisticated rather than cheap or washed-out, so we quizzed the queen of colour, hairstylist and director of John Frieda Colour, Nicola Clarke.

Bringing photos of blonde shades you like is a great starting point. Let your colourist know a little about your lifestyle - how often you can Single blonde women the salon, how you typically style and also wear your hair. It takes time and can't be done in one session. Changing your hair colour is something to be considered.

Hair colour and length is a huge part of our personality "Single blonde women" it's important to ensure you make the right choice. It depends on the type of colour you have.

Olessiya Character and interests....

If you have balayage, it can be every 10 or 12 weeks, whereas a tint will need to be topped up every two to six weeks and highlights every six to eight weeks. Knock out hints of unwanted warmth with this deep conditioning mask, which will keep your hair healthy and ready for your next salon visit. After spending all that time and money getting the right shade, you'll want to keep brassy tones at bay. That's where purple shampoo and Single blonde women comes in. Plus, this one is free of sulfates, which can strip away hair's natural oils and leave it feeling dry.

Enriched with natural argan, almond and jojoba oils, this treatment has been hailed as a 'wonder Single blonde women for protecting the keratin in hair.

Nicola swears by it to keep your colour looking cool and conditioned.

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Welcome back to my Beauty Hot ! Over the past few weeks, I've shared with you my pick of the top products for creating a beautiful base, gorgeous lips and arresting eyes.

Today, in week four of the series, I'm adding my choice of the very best haircare products to the Hot register. Laura Bourne He's in the business where looks are as important as talent and actor James Nesbitt is more than happy to attribute some of his success to his hair transplants.

How to dye your hair the right blonde It's not as simple as a single trip to the salon. Finding Single blonde women perfect shade can take months, Nicola Clarke, the A-list's top colourist, tells Dominique Temple Blonde moment: Nicola Clarke counts Kate Moss among her many A-list clients. Dominique Temple June 6 2: How Single blonde women does it take to get your hair blonde?

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Getty Images for Disney. Exclusive Irish actor James Nesbitt's delight at 'breaking the stigma' around men's hair Most Viewed Most Shared. Style Newsletter Stay on top of the latest fashion, beauty and celeb gossip in our Style newsletter.

Also in this section. Over the past few weeks, Exclusive Irish actor James Nesbitt's delight at 'breaking the stigma' around He's in the business where Hairdressers get creative for a worthwhile cause Irish salon Peter Mark has Dublin stylist Andrew Fitzsimons reveals secrets behind Kylie History of the perm It's thought that the first person "Single blonde women" produce a practical Not that kind of curl Is it fair to say that the 80s were the decade that style looked How to dye your hair the right blonde Dying your hair blonde is Healthy holiday hair Summer is the time of year where we really start paying attention The seven ages of man's hair Flogging beauty products to men is a hard sell.

We pay so little God had a wicked sense of humour Single blonde women it came to giving Last summer as I lay at the Beauty budget buys are Do blondes have more fun? I've a thick head of hair, Vogue Williams debuts drastic new hairstyle as she leads Irish tv Vogue Williams has debuted a Irish stylist Andrew Fitzsimons behind Kylie Jenner's new Irish hair stylist Andrew How we approach our haircare routine is changing - here's Our hair really is our Hairstyle secrets - a top Irish stylist reveals all about I have a confession to make Hairdressers reveal the weirdest things they've Single blonde women seen Single blonde women Anyone who has had to mask Can men make the cut?

If reports this week are to be believed, Ireland's Emily Ratajkowski debuts bob haircut at Rihanna's Diamond Emily Ratajkowski is the How often should you wash your hair? Kate Hudson has completely shaved off her hair Kate Hudson has shaved off Get the Game of Thrones look: Why curls are bouncing back: Dumping Stepford Wives hair You sit with them for hours Single blonde women do we have to jump to conclusions when a woman Introducing the 'mob' — stylish celebrity mothers are loving It's no secret the bob is The many wigs of Kylie Jenner.

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