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Maligayang pagdating in kapampangan songs


S Presented by H. A g akdIng ito ay pagc aaring tunay nr kurnthlng, si PEu. At upang mapatibay ang katotohanan ay linagdAlan namin ang kasulatan'g it6 sa MaynilA, K. Pilipinhan, ngay6n'g ika dalawangpi't dalawai ng Mayo ng ta6n ng 'hinanakop, ising libo siyam na, gatds at labinglima. Tlhe, world has seen no strong nation -adopt the language of anotherx people; still less- that of a raice a lien in thought, feeling, speech anid habit.

Hence, however well meaning it may be to try oimlant the, E nglish speech in these Islands as a common meium 9it is so obvicausly a viohition of all psychie, and ethnic unities, that tan never, in the opinoio of the writer, be a lasting success. It contains' words used in everyday life and is very practical. It is a mixture of the different Philippine' Maligayang pagdating in kapampangan songs with 'the 1'agalog as basis.

Most of the words, of course, a re I agalog, but a large number also are taken from. The work consists of two parts Part I, which is the present book, is an attempt to prkesenit the essentials of Filipino Grntixnar in such a formi that without stitting Maligayang pagdating in kapampangan songs grammnatical lefiitioins and rules it is practically a combinia tion of vocabulary and gramimar based, upon the TIaigalog language.

After the -alphabetical list -of root- verbs with their. Part II' also forms a separate book and is based on the English Grammar. LangUage, which h as officially,approved and,adopted this brief v, calholary as the fir-st work of its kind sanctioned by the, atlithor1i ty of that National linguistic Association. Clavicle, the co llar- bone. Miolars, or back teel Maligayang pagdating in kapampangan songs. Biyas ng bintf, biyas ng bisig.

Butit, kalamnan ng binti. Calf of the leg. Joint or knuckle of the fingers. Top of the head. Body [of a man or animal. Mga daliri nl paa. Ialamu nan, ak 1H1aid. ES oplhlagulls, larynx, gullet. F ,re-tinger, ilndex-fi uger. Body [of man, animal, or of anything. Palad ng ka 'Patantog. Palm of the hand. Sole of the foot. U Itak sa hbut'. Bathng lalaki, bi ra. Bat' tag i al ai, iiiing. Mga lbata, niga sanggol. I ermaph rod ite. Matanda, lakay Misay, bigote. Talubata, ka si bulan. Young lady; virgi n.

Kabinataan, Ika- Young men, bagongtauha. Mga bagay-bagay sa iskiu elahdn, atb.