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Homosexual marriage tumblr


So i got back my sociology test alright? So lets start with the first and third question: Basically I have the correct answers and she put them wrong so i lost two points. Also Australia just legalized gay marriage. Look at the U. K, Canada, most modern countries! You put all societies! You wanna specify it? But you put all societies.

It Homosexual marriage tumblr be bad for him to have such a mental disorder. Literally i just searched Homosexual marriage tumblr. China was aware of homosexuality and acted on it.

*This blog is a persuasive...

Like people were gay from like ages ago wtf do you mean not typical in all societies?? If she put some maybe??? I get why she would consider norm wrong. It would open the door to anyone and anything getting married, like if you wanted to you could get married to your dog bc it has the same rights as humans and can even sign a binding contract. Straight marriage would become less meaningfu l. The reason of marriage is to have children.

In a theocracy like ours we impose one religion on everyone else so we can have the same views. Children will only succeed if they have a male and female figure at home.

It Homosexual marriage tumblr change the foundation of society. Why would we want to change and evolve? I am a writing tutor at my high school and today I was forced to test my professionalism. I am an lgbt individual and a boy walked in today with a paper on why he believed that gay marriage was inherently wrong and why it should not have been legalized. When I took this job, it had never occurred to me that I would have to have to deal "Homosexual marriage tumblr" people that put me in a position like this.

When I looked down and saw the topic of his paper, I nearly felt sick.

A tragic approach to same-sex...

Today I had to correct his paper. I had to fix his grammar and his sentence structure and tell him that he needed to elaborate on his analysis more.

I remained composed throughout the entire session, but I can tell you that the moment I left that room, I started crying. Hell, if anything, gay marriage is stronger Homosexual marriage tumblr marriage between a man and woman because they fight so hard to be recognized making their love so much more powerful.

When they want to spend their life with someone, they mean it. No so why, because gay marriage is allowed, everyone would become homosexual? What is wrong with homosexuality? When I was growing up, I was taught by The Church that homosexuality was not sinful.

People do not choose their sexual Homosexual marriage tumblr or who they are attracted to. I still believe this and agree with it. I was also taught that acting upon homosexual desires was a sin e. I was taught marriage was between one man and one woman and it could not be any other way. I never really understood why it was a sin, but I tried to go along with it. Fast forward a little to high school.

Gay rights are being talked about more and more. They talk about all the hate and discrimination going on in the LGBT community. How incidents like Matthew Sheppard should never happen again and I agree. We are all created equal, we are all children of God, and Homosexual marriage tumblr one deserves to be discriminated against, never mind killed, because of their sexual orientation.

So far, so good. And then somewhere along the lines, gay marriage started to come to the surface.