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Hall and oates say it isn t so


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The last time I asked you I really got a lame excuse I know that you lied. Now wicked things can happen You see 'em goin' down in war But when you play in a quiet way that bites it even more. Say it, tell me what you want Yeah I'll do it Baby I promise right now. Say it, who propped you up when you were stopped low motivation Had you on the ground.

I know your first reaction you slide away Hideaway Goodbye But if Theresa thought maybe I can give out a thousand reasons Why you have to. Say it isn't so It isn't so I say it isn't so Say it I say it isn't so Say it, we like to be the strangers at the party Two rebels in a shell. Say it, you like to move with the best of them You know we move so well Don't need someone to lean on I know that there's an open door But if I'm faced with bein' replaced I want you even more.

Say It Isn't So song meanings. Add your thoughts 2 Comments. General Comment Another great one from these musical genuises. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an Hall and oates say it isn t so.

General Comment As I read the lyrics, I see a woman who has grown tired of the guy. This same guy was good to her, good for her and even though he was what she asked for, he was not what she really wanted.

They have gotten into a steady groove and all is very nice if not completely satisfying. Then, one day she is reminded of her reality that she has settled and wants to leave.

Whether she leaves is dependent on her willingness to walk away from this comfortable existence and how much she values her personal well being. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! We do not have any tags for Say It Isn't So lyrics. Why not add your own? Log in to add a tag. More Hall and Oates Lyrics.

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