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Spirogyra asexual reproduction advantages


Pls can we have notes on Rhizopus nigricans as well And the above information is very helpful. What would you say an advantage and disadvantage to this body form "Spirogyra asexual reproduction advantages" be?

My best guess is one for disadvantage, that their slippery nature can aid them in escaping situations that they might find themselves stationary or being removed from the water. Thanks a lot to telling me in detail It's nice. Pages Home Contact Link. Spirogyra is at large genus consisting of about species and is cosmopolitan in distribution. They are found in fresh water such as pools, ponds, lakes, ditches etc and also in slow running water of rivers and streams.

They are slippery in nature so are commonly known as Pond Silk or Water silk. Each cell can be differentiated In to two reasons;cell wall and protoplast. Cell wall is the Spirogyra asexual reproduction advantages protective double layere structure. The inner layer of which is made of cellulose and the outer Spirogyra asexual reproduction advantages contains pectose.

The outermost lining of Pectose turns into Pectin and get dissolved in water to form Mucilage which surrounds the filament and forms Mucilagenous sheath.

The protoplast contains Plasma membrane,cytoplasm, single large centrally located vacuole and Chloroplast containing Pyrenoids. The plasma membrane lies inner to the cell wall and semi permeable in nature allows the passage of selective substance. The granular cytoplasm is distributed in the peripheral region of the cell.