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One night stand facebook


You wake up still drunk. A stranger is sleeping in your bed. She's cute but you want her to leave. Needless to say, you really have to fart.

How To Deal With A...

Familiar "One night stand facebook" one-night stand protocol, you're surprised, days later, to receive her friend request. To be polite, you accept it. Over the weeks, she joins the chorus on your newsfeed. She posts a couple albums, likes a few statuses, and changes her profile picture twice.

You can't help but notice. It's happening right before your eyes.

One Night Stand Club. likes....

You can't help but notice that she's dating someone new. Now that you have an open window into her life, you can't help but notice her every move. Better judgment aside, you find yourself evaluating her new boyfriend.

You compare yourself to him and imagine his relationship with her. You find yourself reconfirming and reevaluating opinions of your once one-night stand. During the process, you also reframe and redefine your own self-image.

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